Saturday, 30 March 2013

Automated OpenStack Folsom with Quantum install using Ansible/Vagrant/VirtualBox

This script (folsom branch) installs OpenStack Folsom with Quantum networking fully configured in about 10 minutes - once the prereqs are in place. The readme has the usage. It is written in Ansible which is easy to learn and quick to work with. It uses the OpenStack packages from the Ubuntu cloud archive and sets up this configuration:

Thursday, 21 March 2013

Eventlet snippets

OpenStack services use the green threads model as described here. I found an excellent explanation of Eventlet in a video by Donovan Preston. I have typed in some of the snippets he uses here.

Paste config in OpenStack

If you are new to OpenStack you may be wondering what ini files like this are all about. OpenStack services (Nova, Glance, Quantum etc) use Paste Deployment to wire up middleware like authorisation, API extensions, request rate limiting etc. It helps to have a basic knowledge of this stuff for installing and troubleshooting. This post is a simple example based on this presentation. Here I have put the various parts in different modules.